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 +====== Updating the Splint Terminal Tool ======
 +To update your version of Splint client, run the below in a termnal
 +<code bash>
 +The above will also update the version of the Loader class that the splint client uses in patching your Code Igniter distributions.\\
 +You will be notified if your Loader was updated during the execution of the splint-update command. You will have to run the splint -p command yourself at the root of any Code Igniter project that you've patched before in order for them to have the latest Loader class.
 +===== NEXT SECTION =====
 +[[developer:​start|Creating Splint Projects]] => \\
 +===== PREVIOUS =====
 +<= [[splint_loader|The Splint Loader]]\\
 +===== Other Topics =====
 +[[start|Splint]]\\ ​
 +[[library-install|Install a Splint Library]]\\
 +[[splint_client:​start|Splint Client]]\\