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A Package and Dependency Manager for CodeIgniter

Splint is a product inspired by how wonderful the core of CodeIgniter, a light weigh MVC Framework with a lot of functionalities embedded in it. such that PHP libraries that were designed in a universal context may have to re-write some of the functionalities already found in CodeIgniter so that it could be used anywhere.

This could bloat resulting applications and of course present inefficiencies in the running of applications.

Splint presents a way which developers can write libraries and at the same time use the functionalities which CodeIgniter provides (such as Image Processing, Form Validation, Zip Class, Database Libraries, etc.) to provide efficient and powerful light-weight libraries.

Writing libraries for Splint also gives you the ability to write sub CodeIgniter applications that can be installed within a CodeIgniter application bundle.

To use a Splint library, simply download and install the Splint client from here and run splint install <vendor\library_name> at the root of your CodeIgniter project with a terminal.

You can then proceed to the library's page to view it's README on how to load it. You are most likely to load Splint libraries like this from within a controller.

$this->load->library("splint/vendor_name/library_name", $params, "alias");

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