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 +====== Install Splint Packages on your Production Server ======
 +To install/​update the packages you installed on your local version of your project also on your production server, you will need to copy the ''​splint.php''​ file unto your production server and execute it with its URL.\\
 +For example, if you coppied the''​splint.php''​ file to the root of your webserver, you would execute it with ''​http://​example.com/​splint.php''​
 +> If you used the Splint-SDK, you don't need to download the ''​splint.php''​ file as it ships with the SDK.
 +  ​
 +You will also need a ''​splint.json''​ file that contains the ''​install''​ key whose vale is an array of packages to install.\\
 +This file is automatically created/​overwritten each time  you install a package using the Splint Client.\\
 +The ''​.json''​ file will contain something like this.
 +<code json>
 +  "​install":​ ["​zoey/​bootstrap",​ "​jonas/​git",​ "​lukewalker/​logger"​]
 +> The ''​splint.php''​ and the ''​splint.json''​ files must be in the same directory and must be at the public root of your web server.
 +> As a security measure, you can rename ''​splint.php''​ file.
 +===== NEXT =====
 +[[app_install|Install a Splint Application]] => \\
 +===== PREVIOUS =====
 +<= [[library-install|Install a Splint Library]]\\
 +===== Other Topics =====
 +[[library-install|Install a Splint Library]]\\
 +[[start|What is Splint]]\\ ​