Install Splint Packages on your Production Server

To install/update the packages you installed on your local version of your project also on your production server, you will need to copy the splint.php file unto your production server and execute it with its URL.

For example, if you coppied thesplint.php file to the root of your webserver, you would execute it with

If you used the Splint-SDK, you don't need to download the splint.php file as it ships with the SDK.

You will also need a splint.json file that contains the install key whose vale is an array of packages to install.

This file is automatically created/overwritten each time you install a package using the Splint Client.

The .json file will contain something like this.

  "install": ["zoey/bootstrap", "jonas/git", "lukewalker/logger"]
The splint.php and the splint.json files must be in the same directory and must be at the public root of your web server.
As a security measure, you can rename splint.php file.



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