Splint Client

The Splint Client application is the command line tool that helps you download packages into your Code Igniter project.

Splint Client Screen Shot

You can download splint from here.

N.B You may be required to restart your system after installation before splint can run within a terminal.

Once Splint is installed, you can browse to any root of a Code Igniter project and run splint install [vendor/package_name] to install any package of your choice. Go to the Splint website to see or search for any package of choice to install.

N.B Hold your left Shift button and right-click on any open space in a directory to present the Open Terminal Window Here option to run commands with the current directory being your working directory. You can alternatively right-click in an open space and select the Open Git Bash if you have git installed.

To be capable of using an installed splint package in your Code Igniter project, your Code Igniter distribution needs to be patched with a custom loader.

Fortunately, the splint client does that by adding a MY_Loader.php file to your application/core/ folder when you install a splint package.

Splint Commands

Command Description Parameter Examples
install Installs one or more splint packages. to install multiple packages at once, write them out separated by space. <vendor/package_name> install francis94c/ci-preference
—install Same as install <vendor/package_name> –install francis94c/ci-preference
-v Gets the current software version splint -v
-i Same as install <vendor/package_name> -i francis94c/ci-preference
-c Creates a new splint package. You might want to run this from a code igniter root as the package will be created in application/splints/vendor_package_name/ relative from your current working directory. <vendor/package_name> splint -c francis94c/toast
-r Creates a README.md file while creating a splint package. splint -c -r
-l List out all installed packages. splint -l
-n, —no-patch, —no-install-sdk [Flag] Instructs the splint client not to attempt patching the loader during the current process (e.g Installing a package) splint install francis94c/toast -n
-f [Flag] Forces patching of the Loader for a Code-Igniter distribution regardless of the existence of a MY_Loader.php in the application/core/ folder while installing a package. splint install francis94c/toast -f
-p Patches the current Code Igniter distribution. This must be run at the root of the code-igniter project. splint -p
-b Creates a new Code Igniter project with the specified name. In essence, it creates a folder with the specified name, containing a patched Code Igniter distribution (Splint SDK). splint -b project_or_site_name

To update your version of Splint client, run splint-update from your terminal. This will also update the version of the Loader class that the splint client uses in patching your Code Igniter distributions.

You will be notified if your Loader was updated during the execution of the splint-update command. You will have to run the splint -p command yourself at the root of any Code Igniter project that you've patched before in order for them to have the latest Loader class.



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