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Creating Splint Projects

This section will walk you through all you need to know to build libraries and publish on Splint.

Splint packages are more like any other code-igniter application distribution (well, without the controller folder anyway, as your end users are always in control).

They can be created anywhere in fact. However, it is advised to create them in the application/splints/vendor_name/package_name from the root of a code igniter distribution, to enable you test your libraries with code-igniter controllers. And also because that is where your libraries will reside in an end-user's code-igniter distribution.

N.B The splint client will always nest a newly created library in application/splints/vendor_name/package_name regardless of the where the command is executed from. Running the command from the root of a code-igniter distribution will make things fall in place.
N.B The vendor_name in the recommended path for creating splint libraries should be the same as your username at