Design Guide for Packages

To ensure that a package behaves as expected, there are some measures you must take in developing libraries for splint.

Splint.json (Descriptor) File

The splint.json descriptor file for a particular package must be at the root of the package as show below.

 JSON descriptor file location

The splint-factory is a Code Igniter distribution. One can create other packages under the splint-factory/application/splints/francis94c folder for instance. However, each package under francis94c should have a splint.json file describing the package. See Splint JSON Package Descriptor for information on the contents of the file.

Package Root

If your package generates files for it's personal use, you should consider creating them within your package root or relative to it so that everything about your package stays within it's domain in production. you can get your package root in PHP with constant the below.


Package README

Always present a good README for users to easily get up and running with your libraries. If there are steps to be taken with splint or posible ways to load your packages, please let the users of of your package know through the file.

Note: The README file must be named with matching cases for Splint to read its contents.



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