Install a Splint Application

The process of installing a Splint application is the same as installing a Splint package, since they are all packages in the real sense. To install a blog application, the below will likely be used to do so.

splint install vendor/blog-app

One thing to note though is that applications have an assets folder which is moved relative to the root of a Code Igniter distribution during installation. This enables the applications to load assets such as images, audios, etc. to the client side (Browsers).

The folder (where application assets are used) which contains all applications is named splint-assets. Individual package assets are grouped within this folder with nested folder names made up of the vendor name and application name.

For example, the application assets for a Splint application with the fully qualified name revolution/social-app will have its assets located at splint-assets/revolution/social-app after installation.