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About Splint

Splint is a Service that hosts several Code Igniter packages for easy installation into Code Igniter projects.

It is also a Package and Dependency Manager. Which means that when you develop packages on Splint, you also get to tell Splint which other packages your package requires to work properly on installation to a Code Igniter distribution.

Splint makes available to you, the ability to write modular classes of task you perform frequently in Code Igniter and integrate these classes in all your Code Igniter project with ease. You also get to keep them all updated with just a command.

Our mission is to make codes and resiurces easily re-usbale in Code Igniter and to build a community of Code Igniter developers.


June 17th 2019

Integrated Shields.io Badges for packages.

May 25th 2019

Splint AppEngine Feature Launch.

May 13th 2019

Reahed 10 Packages.

April 19th 2019

SDK v0.0.3 with the Code Igniter based Unit Test functionality for package development was released.

March 1st 2019

Splint Launch!

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